I told my mom I wanted to dance the moment I saw her perform in a production of Chicago. I was just four years-old. She danced as a child and competed in cities like Las Vegas and New York.

She enrolled me immediately in the same dance school she attended. I couldn’t wait to get to my weekly lessons and to this day I still feel the same way.

A few years later I was on their competition team competing at regional conventions and loving it! Here is a short video of my competition numbers at one of my first conventions…


While my school friends were playing video games or hanging out in the park, I was home practicing my routines, and even choregraphing my own! I was blessed to have received many awards and scholarships, including being named the 2011-12 Tremaine Junior Male Dancer of the Year and could not have achieved that without the support of my loving family and especially, my mom.

Now a student at the Dance Barre in Windsor, Ontario, I have the further dedicated support of Blake and Lindsay Angier and their teaching team. You can read about the progress our team is making this season on my resume page.

To me, dance is a metaphor for life and it brings me joy to bring joy to others when I perform. I can’t see myself doing anything other than spending the rest of my life in the world of dance.

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